TBR Troubles

This is very much #bookwormproblems but do you ever find yourself in a position where you just have so many amazing books queued up to read that picking the next one to start feels like an impossible task? This is my current predicament.

I tend to reserve books I’ve been meaning to read from the library in batches, I sat down one evening recently and requested about 10 books. Usually they trickle through to me over a few weeks, but this time, for some random reason, almost ALL of them arrived at once. Along with this literal large stack of books looming at me, you can add the ones waiting on my Kindle into the mix AND the ones sitting on my own shelves (that I always have every intention of reading…) basically, I’m drowning in books!!

So, my question is…

/ How do you select your next read from your TBR?

I need some help! Do you have any kind of order / structure for keeping track of what you want to read or making sure you get through your TBR?

I do have a list on my phone, but the problem with that is I have to be in the right mood for some reads, so a this set list structure isn’t working for me. I recently saw on Instagram someone using a ‘TBR Jar’ – they write out the titles of their upcoming reads onto little pieces of paper, fold them, pop them in the jar, then pull out a book title at random whenever it’s time for their next read. I like the randomness element of this, so I’m considering trying it.

So yes, I’d love to hear any other ideas (from colour-coded lists to letting your dog decide) to help me get to grips with my epic TBR stack!

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    1. Good idea! I should apply a bit of date structure to my TBR list, I do it for proofs but need to apply it to all!


  1. I have so many blog tours at the moment that my next read is dictated by those. I’m hoping to have less later in the year then I think I will try picking up books that have been hanging around a while as well as new ones!

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    1. Yes blog tours always throw a spanner in the works of a reading order! Although sometimes it can be easier to know you have to read a book by a certain date, takes the ‘What to read next’ stress out of it 😊

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  2. I am thinking about a TBR jar, the list of books I have to read is getting ridiculous and I often find myself not picking up a book just because I’m not sure what to read next. I’m going to need a lot of paper though!

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    1. I know, you get next-book-panic! I like the idea of the TBR jar too, but it might be a little too random? I have to be in a certain mood to read certain books.


  3. I tried a TBR jar years ago and I really didn’t stick with it. I’ve gotten much better however at suspending (pausing) library request so that I can manage those books along with my own books and any review books I might have.

    I borrowed and modified an idea from another blogger to help me manage my back list of owned books (this would work perfectly if I wasn’t still picking up books here and there…)

    So what I’ve been doing this year is trying to read one book from these categories; old book, new book, random, nonfiction, with an option book for some of my specific reading goals (short stories and poetry)

    I created a mind map of books I considered as must reads for the year (of my own books). Will I read all of them, maybe not, but I feel like it has given me a visual way to see what I want to keep on my radar.

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    1. Your category system does appeal to me, I like an element of organisation to things 😊 I think that’s why I was hesitant about the jar – maybe it’s a little too random for me!

      I think I’ll just have to stop getting library books for a while, then work through all my other books!

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