A little about me…

Hello! I’m Jen and I’ve been keeping a book blog since 2009, just in the old-school way of writing in a notebook. I started it, partly, to never forget the different books I’d read through the years and, partly, to have as a reference for when I wanted a book to suit a certain mood.

Then my ‘book of books’, as it became known, became full, no pages left. So I thought I’d continue on here, adding a little imagery to go with my reviews and thoughts.

This blog is not dedicated to a specific book genre, I enjoy reading a wide variety of titles and that will be reflected here. In my opinion, a great story is a great story – whether that’s a true account of someone’s life, a Young Adult epic series, a what-happens-next crime, can’t-turn-the-lights-off horror and (almost) everything in between.

When I became a mum, afternoons to sit and read became non-existent and the commute to work that I used to dread became my coveted reading time. I get the 7:47am train and these are the books that I get lost in each morning – and technically each evening too.

I am currently accepting review requests, just drop me a message here.

Professional Reader

Rating System

I rate the books I read out of 5, here is a handy little breakdown:

1/5: I did not like anything about this book.

2/5: I can see how this book would appeal to others, but it wasn’t for me.

3/5: There were too many flaws to make this a great read.

4/5: This book had some wonderful elements, be that plot, character, writing style (review will divulge more.)

5/5: I can’t wait to read this book again, I loved everything about it.