Reading during a Pandemic

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What weird, scary times we’re living in right now. I’m currently social-distancing with my family, so you would assume that a bookworm being at home all the time would equal lots more reading time. But, I’ve only just managed to finish my first book in weeks, and that was due to making a conscious effort. […]

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What I Read in February 2020

Book review blog Books on the 7:47

Despite the extra day of reading time this month, I did not manage to read any extra books. Although technically February is a cruel month that takes away maximum reading time with it’s shortened calendar. ANYWAY. Onto the books and what I did actually read… My February 2020 Book Reviews: / The Mercies by Kiran […]

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My 2020 Reading Goals?


Oh, hey 2020! There is something so joyful about the repetition in this number that it’s got to be a great and prosperous year for us all, right? I’d popped this theme into my blog calendar, as I’ve always done for my first post of the year, but as I sit here to write it, […]

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Review: The Silence of the Girls by Pat Barker

Published by Hamish Hamilton August 2018 / 336 pages Opening sentence: “Great Achilles.” The Silence of the Girls is a version of Homer’s Iliad but – here’s the twist – it’s mainly told from the point of view of one of the women, Briseis, who shines a light on the awful way women were treated […]

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Audiobook Review: The Taking of Annie Thorne by C J Tudor

The Taking of Annie Thorne is C J Tudor’s second novel. Her debut, The Chalk Man, was widely talked about and praised – by me too, I thought it was a great read – and as this one is in a similar psychological thriller / horror vein, I was very much looking forward to it. […]

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The Importance of the Opening Sentence.

It has the power to decide if a book is read or not. By me anyway… You may have noticed that for each book I review, I record the opening sentence. When I read it back, months, even years later, sometimes the opening line is all it takes to evoke the whole feel of the […]

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My Top 5 Books of 2019… So Far…

It’s just over halfway through the year already and this throws up a mix of feelings: Will I be sitting here in a few months time wondering how it’s NYE again and will I have any regrets / successes to ponder? And, of course, that panic that I now only have 5 more months to […]

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