Opinion: #Bookstagram

Before I started this blog, I was aware that there were Instagram accounts dedicated to books, I had stumbled across a few and enjoyed how creative they were with their shots of books. HOWEVER, I had no idea just how big the Bookstagram community was (literally thousands of accounts), until I took the plunge and launched my own account at the beginning of this year (well, 31st Dec.) Initially, I did it as a way to support my blog, but now I find myself posting and discussing different books on there, other than the ones I review here.

Not only has my to-be-read list got out of control – seriously, every time I scroll through my Bookstagram feed, I’m adding to that list – but I love how it’s such a great place for reminiscing about past reads you adore and finding lots of other people who think a certain book is as wonderful as you do is always a heart-warming feeling.

So yes, Bookstagram has been a surprising, but wonderful, addition to starting this blog. Here are the top 5 interesting things I have learnt (so far!):

1. Not all Bookstagrammers have blogs. They review on the platform, writing quite detailed captions with their thoughts. It never occurred to me to do that, but is a great way to review books if you don’t have the time, or inclination, for a blog.

2. Props / background / lighting are essential. OK, you can take a picture of a book in your hand or as you’re reading, but to make the picture as visually appealing as possible, the surroundings must be on-point too. Lots of people develop themes, so have similar background and props. I haven’t gone down that road really, preferring variety in my shots, but I always take pictures in natural light and rarely use filters.

3. Who knew there was so much bookish merchandise? Yep, bookmarks, fabric book covers, tote bags, mugs, Funko figures (specifically Harry Potter related), it’s endless!

4. The world of tagging is insane. There is a tag for everything from individual prompt tags (e.g. #shelfiesunday #bookboyfriend) to monthly challenges that involve posting every day in-keeping with the theme of the day. I haven’t yet done this as I just don’t have the time to post every day at the moment – it’s one for the future though, a good picture challenge to set myself.

5. The community is brilliant. Since joining up, I’ve spoken to loads to lovely Bookstagrammers and everyone has been so friendly and welcoming. If you’re intrigued and looking for a little inspiration, here are a few gorgeous accounts to check out:

So, if you’re debating giving it a go yourself – I say do it, I always look forward to updating my Bookstagram and it’s a fun, creative way to share the book-love!

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