September Wrap Up / October TBR

I’ve had a bit of a reading lull over the past few weeks, I’ve enjoyed books but haven’t adored them. (Disclaimer about that sentence, the books I’ve read over the past few weeks are not necessarily the ones that I’ve posted about over the last few weeks – due to scheduling in advance and publishing dates etc.) BUT I can happily report now that the last few books I’ve read (which will be among October’s reviews) have broken my lull and have been crackers! Anyway, I digress, back to September’s reviews:

Quite the selection there as I cast my eye over the titles. My love of Philippa Gregory’s historical world continues… I listened to The Boleyn Inheritance on audiobook and was sucked in, I just love the fiction / fact blend! Clean and Convenience Store Woman were both quick, brilliant reads that I kind of picked up on a whim and both smashed my expectations. Love it when that happens and fully recommend either of those for a few hours escapism. And, of course, my monthly Agatha that was a delight. I didn’t intentionally set out to read an Agatha Christie book per month, but it seems to be happening and I’m fine with that.

Now, this year I am supposed to be reading one non-fiction book a month, but I’ve just checked and the last time I read one was in June, so I haven’t been doing amazingly at that particular challenge… BUT I am back on track this month as my non-fiction book was one of the most useful I’ve read! Money: A User’s Guide is by financial journalist Laura Whateley and she – in an easy to read and understand way – breaks down all the big money questions you probably have (How do I buy a house? Where’s the best place to save?) and gives you practical, no-nonsense advice. My copy has a LOT of mini Post-its sticking out of it.

Looking to October’s reviews, the book that I joyously found I couldn’t put down was Normal People by Sally Rooney. I had a little trip to Dublin in September and wanted to pick up some books by Irish authors and this was one of them. I’ll be writing a blog on my trip and books I got there, so keep a look out for that one and in the meantime, pick up a copy of Normal People – Sally Rooney is a phenomenal writer, you won’t regret it!

Until next month, Happy Reading!


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