Monthly Review: June 2019

An excellent real-life story, a little romance, a look into the world of mummy bloggers and three very different thrillers made up my kind-of-eclectic June reading:

My June Reviews…

/ Snap by Belinda Bauer

/ The Mummy Bloggers by Holly Wainwright

/ Our Stop by Laura Jane Williams

/ Educated by Tara Westover

/ Codename Villanelle by Luke Jennings

/ Beyond Reasonable Doubt by Gary Bell

Things I learnt this month from my books:


/ A whole lot about the workings of the British legal system

  • Thanks to Beyond Reasonable Doubt, author Gary Bell is an IRL QC, so the detail was great.

That after years of thinking I don’t like to read romance stories, maybe I’m wrong…

  • One Stop is a modern-romance tale that I couldn’t put down.

/ Sometimes the TV show is better than the book

  • I know, I know, am I even a real book-lover by writing that previous sentence? BUT in the case of Codename Villanelle, that’s just how I felt!

/ Some people have truly amazing lives; thank God they choose to write about it

  • Tara Westover did make me question what I’ve achieved with my life. But in a good way.

/ Sometimes, books do not live up to the hype

  • Yep, for me I was drawn to Snap due it’s Man Booker Prize nomination, but really can’t work out why it got one!

(I go into more details on these snippets of thoughts in each individual book review!) I’ve got some great reads lined up for July (it feels weird even writing that already, July???) from a look at our Queen’s wonderful style to a deadpan take on one woman’s year of sleeping (thanks to a lot of prescription drugs.) I’m also going to be thinking about the whole idea of ‘summer reads’ what makes one book better to read in the warmer months than others? Is it just marketing or is there something in it?

So, until then, Happy Reading! Let me know what you’ve been reading this month below!

6 thoughts

  1. Yay for learning you might enjoy a new genre. I used to think I didn’t like thrillers, but then I later learned it was just the writing style for many I didn’t enjoy. I now know I am fully capable of enjoying a good thriller.

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    1. Yes, it’s a great feeling! I think if a book is written in a way that appeals to you, you’re going to enjoy it, whatever the genre!


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