Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers

With only 6 weeks to go until Christmas, you have started thinking about gifts for your bookish pals, right? If not, don’t worry, I’m here to help! Now you could buy the book lover in your life the latest thriller or must-read biography, I mean we’re never going to be sad unwrapping a book on Christmas Day (unless maybe we’ve already read it and didn’t like it!) BUT you could also get us a unique and interesting present that relates to our love of books in a more creative way…

My Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers:

1. An afternoon at Mr B’s Reading Spa

Mr B.’s Reading Spa is my idea of heaven. Mr. B.’s Book Emporium is a book shop in Bath that offers an indulgent reading spa afternoon. Over coffee and cake, you chat about your favourite books, or maybe new genres you’d like to try and the bibliotherapist picks books for you. You get a book voucher as part of the package, so can take home your favourites.

If you don’t live near Bath, it’s more than worth it to combine the reading spa with a weekend in this fabulous city. Pay a visit to Jane Austen’s house, the Roman Baths and the Fashion Museum. You’ll be in someone’s good books with an amazing present like this!


2. Adopt a book at the British Library

By adopting a book, what you are ultimately doing to making a donation to the British Library, to help them continue with their conservation work. What you are also doing is a giving an outside-the-box bookish gift that anyone would be touched by. (Well, I definitely would!) Not that you need an excuse to visit the British Library, but the idea that your adopted book is in there waiting for you, adds even more charm to the whole experience.

3. Postcards from Penguin and a frame

Time to get a little crafty. The idea here is that your chosen book lover can select which postcards they resonate with most from this 100 postcard set of iconic Penguin covers, then pop them in the frame and have a wonderfully bookish piece of art for their wall, something like this (you have to imagine the postcards in there), trust me, it looks really striking!


4. A reading journal and beautiful pen

I use this blog as a way to track and remember my reads, but before I went digital I wrote all my thoughts about books I’d read in a notebook, not realising you could, in fact, get specific reading journals. I do love that this Moleskine one is part of their passion journal series, such a lovely way to phrase it. When combined with a fountain pen (love these ones), you have the ideal gift.

5. A book subscription

I love a good book recommendation and the idea that one pops through my letterbox every month is very appealing. There are a fair few options out there, so tailor the subscription to the tastes of the bookish person you’re buying for (you can get genre specific subscriptions, for example) but ones that I like and would be more than happy to get are:

And not forgetting the all-important bookish stocking fillers…

Yes, if you’re looking for some smaller gift ideas, Laura Crow makes some very cute literary inspired pins and postcards, this Tom Dixon quill bookmark is a modern classic, Penguin have tote bags of their classic reads or what about a beautiful fabric book cover, so your books won’t get bashed around if you always pop them in your bag.

I hope that was useful in some way! Rest assured I’ll be sending this post out to my friends and family to drop a not-very-subtle hint about my Christmas wishlist…

Let me know of any other great gifts for book lovers that I don’t have on here!

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    1. Thank you, glad you liked the ideas! There was something very satisfying about writing this post and creating my ultimate bookish wishlist I guess 😁


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