Books by Mood. What do you feel like reading?

What kind of a reader are you? I know some people that read a whole series of books by an author in one go, others who only read certain genres, some who only read for blog tours and others still who follow TBR lists and systematically work their way through them. In short – there are so many methods to choose what you read. Personally, I’m a mood reader.

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What is a mood reader?

I am just not very good at feeling like I ‘have’ to read a certain book at a certain time. I enjoy everything about the whole reading experience 100% more if I let my mood dictate what I read. I’ll even put a book down after a few chapters and wait until I’m in the mood for, say, a crime thriller so that I don’t harshly judge a book just because I read it when I wasn’t in the mood for it.

This is a more recent way of reading for me. I used to write lists and stick to them, or read in the order of my library book due dates / blog tour dates / release dates and yes, some of these things still come into play (if I sign up for a blog tour, I’ll always read and review for the agreed date, for example) BUT I allow myself much more freedom now to essentially read what I want, when I feel like it. And it feels so good.

Books by mood

So, with this in mind, I’ve created a brand new page on my blog: Books by Mood. On it, I’ve curated book edits that have similar themes, stories or characters. Not all based around genre, I wanted to make edits that had a fresh feel and might encourage you to try something new.

Looking for a novel based on a real person? I’ve got some suggestions for you. What about some reads that are completely deadpan in tone and amazing? Yep, got you covered. From books set in London to beautiful tear-jerkers, take a look through my edits and find your next favourite read!

This page is one I’ll continually add to as more themes and ideas pop into my head. Let me know if there’s a certain type of book you want to read and I’ll add my recommendations to the page.

So, the only question is… what are you in the mood for?

Take a little look through Books by Mood.

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  1. I’m going to enjoy browsing your new page! I too am a mood reader but if asked, I define myself more as a seasonal reader. The two are linked I think, but I’ll struggle more with a summer-themed book in winter for example and I’d need a strong reason to read it at the wrong time. Over the years I’ve unintentionally developed an underlying theme for many months of the year. Not that I stick to it religiously – I am a mood reader after all – but alongside whatever I fancy or what might be dictated by lists, challenges, commitments etc, there will always be seasonal reading going on.

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    1. This is interesting, thinking about it now, I might be a bit of a subconscious seasonal reader! I never decide to not read a wintery / Christmas book in summer, for example, but then very rarely do.

      Although I did read a great book called The Glass Woman set in snowy, cold Iceland during the very hot part of summer we had – the contrast was actually quite nice! But this as an historical novel, so didn’t equate any of it to now, if that makes sense?


      1. I’ve heard others say that they enjoy the contrast of a wintry book in summer. And yes, how you’ve explained your reaction to The Glass Woman does make sense. Having looked through your new page I can say that I am a mood reader in the sense you intended (as well as being a seasonal reader). If a book has caught me, I’ll often want to read more in the same vein, on a similar subject, about a woman of the same age etc. Once the mood has settled on me I want to reinforce it! Love the new page by the way!

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