5 Excellent Lockdown Reads

Oh hi lockdown, here we are again. Here we STILL are. In a stricter lockdown (I live in London) and wondering if it will ever end? BUT I’m not here to talk about the negatives. I want to help you grab wonderful moments of joy and escapism in this uncertain time, so thought I’d share the 5 excellent reads I’ve had during lockdown (the first one…) that grabbed my attention, whisked me away to a non-lockdown place and were just, generally, fantastic reads:

5 Excellent Lockdown Reads

Escape into more books…

Dear Reader by Cathy Rentzenbrink
This memoir is book lover Cathy’s ode to the joy of reading. Not only is it like talking to a bookish friend, but she makes so many recommendations throughout, that your TBR will be toppling over pretty soon and you are guaranteed to never run out of books to read during lockdown.

Try a brilliant 2020 debut…

The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman
One of the most hyped debut’s of 2020 – for excellent reasons, I can conform – The Thursday Murder Club from TV presenter Richard Osman falls into cosy murder mystery territory, the kind made famous by Agatha Christie (more on her later…) and is a witty, funny read with some characters you’re going to love.

Escape to another country with some translated fiction…

The Mystery of Henri Pick by David Foenkinos (Translated by Sam Taylor)
I was thoroughly charmed by The Mystery of Henri Pick. Originally written in French, this English translation captures all the bounce and delightfulness of its original language. Set in both Paris and the small town of Crozon, Brittany in France, it tells a very intriguing literary-themed story indeed. Unique, fun and page-turning. Pick it up and escape to France. The only way to holiday this year.

Tick a comforting classic off your list…

Evil Under the Sun by Agatha Christie
I’ve found that sometimes it’s hard to concentrate and read during lockdown, so turning to a comfort book is the only way to get through the slump. Whether that’s a much-loved book you’ve read lots of times, or an author you know will deliver what you need. For me, that author is Agatha Christie. I’ve included Evil Under the Sun here as I did read this during lockdown one, it got me out of a slump and is all-round classic Poirot.

Get emotionally involved…

Small Pleasures by Claire Chambers
Just letting go and completely losing yourself in a book is one of the best ways to escape reality, I’ve found. Small Pleasures is one of the most beautifully crafted, emotionally powerful books I’ve read this year. It follows the life of the lovely but lonely Jean and her quest for love. Not that she’s looking for it, it comes unexpectedly and with heart-wrenching consequences. Read it, meet Jean and get lost in her story.

So, there you have it; five books I hope you’ll enjoy and help you to pass the time during lockdown. I’d love to know what you’re reading right now? Let me know below!

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