What I Read in November 2020

How is your reading mojo doing this month? I’ve seen a slight improvement from October, but still not quite where I’d like to be in terms of my reading. I’ve noticed that when I finish a book, it’s taking me a while to pick up a new one – even if my TBR is literally towering by this point. The joys of pandemic reading…

I DID read some gems this month though – let’s take a look:

My November Book Reviews:

(Click on book title for my full review.)

/ Seven Kinds of People You Find in Bookshops by Shaun Bythell

/ Little Ruffle and the World Beyond by Jodie Jackson

/ The Snow Song by Sally Gardner

/ Home Stretch by Graham Norton

/ Letters from the Dead by Sam Hurcom

/  There’s No Such Thing as an Easy Job by Kikuko Tsumura

/ Changeling by Matt Wesolowski

So, it was a VERY mixed bag for me this month. Probably an indication of my scattered mind actually. From an inspirational children’s book with an important message (Little Ruffle and the World Beyond) to a beautiful take on a fairytale (The Snow Song), an intriguing slice of Japanese fiction (There’s No Such Thing as an Easy Job) and funny little non-fiction that took a sideways look at the types of people that frequent bookshops (Seven Kinds of People You Find in Bookshops). All book lovers should take a read and see if they can identify…

My audiobook listen this month was Home Stretch by Graham Norton and he narrates it himself: there is something wonderful about Graham passionately reading his brilliant story to you – highly recommend a listen!

I was also lucky enough to interview Jodie Jackson, author of Little Ruffle – she gave me an insight into her inspiration behind the book and the importance of solutions journalism. Read the full interview right here.

So, only one more reading month left of 2020 – how does that make you feel? Are you on track to hit your reading goals (if you made any)?

Until next month, happy reading!

5 thoughts

  1. This month I got back into the habit of keeping my book in reach while I’m watching TV, so I can spend ad breaks reading – it’s been a surprisingly effective tactic for getting through books quicker, and definitely helped me catch up a little!

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  2. My reading has slowed down so much this year but fortunately much of what I’ve read I have thoroughly enjoyed. So its been less about quantity and more about quality. Happy with that.
    Less happy that I will end the year 4 countries short of my project to read books by authors from 50 different countries. Drat.


    1. Yes – quality over quantity has become so much more important to me too this year – I DNF way more books, as I want to love every book I read.

      What an excellent project! Got me thinking about setting myself some 2021 reading goals…


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