Blog Tour: The Kindness Journal by Jaime Thurston

Here’s something a little different for you, to give it its full title: The Kindness Journal: Little Activities to Make a Big Difference. January is prone to make a lot of us reflect, take stock and maybe work out what we would like the new year to bring us. Myself included.

Opening sentence: We all need kindness. It helps us feel happy, calm and more connected.

The dawn of 2021 most certainly had less impact than other new years for me. It’s kind of tricky to think about fresh new beginnings while living through a pandemic. BUT that’s exactly why The Kindness Journal is a good move for me (and, potentially, you). By focusing on something like kindness you can make conscious steps to change things in both your life and other people’s this year, in as big or as little a way that you want.

Discover 52 Lives

This journal has a pretty amazing back story too. It has been written by the founder of the 52 Lives charity, Jaime Thurston and what the charity does is:

Every week, 52 Lives helps to change someone’s life. We choose someone in need of help, share their story on our website and social media, and request what that person needs. Our kind supporters then spread the word, offer help if they can, and we change that person’s life – and inspire more kindness in others.

Words of wisdom & daily prompts

So The Kindness Journal is an extension of the charity’s ethos. Beautifully illustrated, it is split into lots of bitesize chucks, meaning it’s perfect for dipping into on a daily basis. It has a mixture of quotes about kindness, prompts to get you thinking about how you can apply more kindness actions to your life – from reaching out to an old friend, reflecting on times others have been kind to you and working out exactly what kindness means to you personally.

Kindness causes elevated levels of dopamine in the brain, giving us a natural high.

I really enjoyed making a cup of tea and spending an afternoon reading through The Kindness Journal. I felt much better and have taken some practical actions as well as inspiring nuggets for thought. Being (even more) kind is a pretty good new year’s resolution, wouldn’t you agree?

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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