5 spring 2021 books I can’t wait to read

I don’t know about you, but I feel like there are some AMAZING books on my radar right now. 2021 has already given me some truly brilliant reads and so I thought I’d share the 5 upcoming books that all publish this spring and that all gave me a little buzz of excitement when I read their blurbs.

Here are the…

5 spring 2021 books I can’t wait to read!

Mirrorland by Carole Johnston
Published: 15th April

I heard Carole Johnston talking about Mirrorland at the Harper Fiction spring showcase and added it to my TBR immediately. It’s a thriller that has two plot elements that I simply can’t resist: twins with secrets and Gothic undertones.

The Metal Heart by Caroline Lea
Published: 29th April

I read and loved The Glass Woman by Caroline Lea last year, so when I saw she had a new novel coming, I was there. The Metal Heart has similarities to its predecessor – a bubbling atmospheric feel, a remote setting to up the tension and characters with depth. It’s set in 1940 and just look at its beautiful cover – very much looking forward to this.

Circus of Wonders by Elizabeth Macneal
Published: 13th May

Another book on my list because I loved the author’s previous work. The Doll Factory was a slice of historical fiction joy and Circus of Wonders look equally great. This is about, yes, a circus. Set in Victorian London, Nell is kidnapped (sold to the circus) and this is her story. I’m very intrigued.

The Other Black Girl by Zakiya Dalila Harris
Published: 1st June

I’ve spent a lot of time this year on Zoom listening to authors chat books. Not gonna lie, it’s been delightful! So Zakiya Dalila Harris was another author I heard talk about her debut book, The Other Black Girl, this time at the Bloomsbury spring showcase and she totally sold it to me!

Set in the publishing world, it’s about two black women working in a mainly white office. Nella wants to befriend Hazel, but then sinister things start to happen and Nella is left wondering what’s really happening. Its sounds like a clever, pacy thriller, very excited to read it.

Fragile by Sarah Hilary
Published: 10th June

Described as a ‘contemporary psychological thriller with a modern Gothic twist’ – you might have guessed by now, this is right down my reading street. It is about Nell, described as a runaway, she takes a job at Starling Villas, lodging there and working for Robin Wilder, who also has a set of secrets. So many secrets in these spring 2021 reads. Love it.

Did you notice that 3/5 of these books randomly all feature lead characters called Nell or Nella? If I was in the market to predict key baby names trends for 2021, I’d put that at the top!

Looking at these books, I think this spring I’m still looking for pure escapism with my reads, which is why these are all a mixture of thrillers and historical fiction – two genres that always take me away from reality. This wasn’t done on purpose – just something I’ve noted now I’ve written up the list.  

What do you think of my choices? Do you have any of these books on your spring reads wishlist?

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