Insatiable by Daisy Buchanan – Audiobook review

Well, Insatiable certainly made my walks this month far more interesting! The cover art gives a wonderful indication of the juicy content that lies in the pages of this book. I listened to it on audiobook and the narrator, Charly Clive was just fantastic, she totally sold the character of Violet to me. It felt like talking to a friend. Albeit a particularly filthy friend.

Rated R

Violet is in a job in the industry she wants (art) but it’s very much data and paper pushing and she’s bored. She’s just broken off her engagement to a man she’s actually relieved not to be marrying, she’s fallen out with her best friend and all of this leaves her feeling lost. But she is full of desire and a lust for life – she’s just unsure where to channel that.

The sub-title of Insatiable is ‘a love story for greedy girls‘ and I love this. It’s celebrating both women’s sexual side and their want for more in life. And these are such invigorating topics to read about.

When the glamorous Simon and Lottie sweep into Violet’s life, offering her not only an amazing new job, but a glimpse of a champagne lifestyle, she jumps at the chance. She also has sex – with both of them. Often at the same time. The sex scenes are graphic and appear frequently but they don’t feel gratuitous, they’re really erotic and wonderfully written.

Violet is a star

Violet was the absolute reason insatiable was so great to read – she’s a young woman trying to navigate her way in life, she felt so real she really gave the book so much heart. Her quirks and worries are relatable, her decisions are sometimes questionable, but we’ve all defintiely been there. I mean, I’ve never actually been at a sex party like she has, I’m speaking more on an emotional level.

Insatiable was also hilarious – from the situations Violet finds herself in to her sarcastic take on things, this was just so funny. I laughed walking down the road and I loved being in Violet’s company and was rooting for her all the way.

If you’re looking for a contemporary read with an enticing story, a brilliant lead character and lots of sex, Insatiable is the one. A perfect summer book.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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