What I Read in July 2021

I’ve been on a reading roll in July, ironically I’m now in a little reading-rut but I know this can happen after a really good run. Almost like I’m being forced to take a little break! July’s reads were varied and – in my humble opinion – pretty great. Let’s take a look…

July book reviews books on the 7:47

My July Book Reviews:

(Click on book title for my full review.)

The Reading List by Sara Nisha Adams

/ I Know What You’ve Done by Dorothy Koomson 

/ How to Kill Your Family by Bella Mackie 

/ The Harpy by Megan Hunter

/ Mrs March by Virginia Feito

/ The Echo Chamber by John Boyne

/ People Like Them by Samira Sedira

/ Underbelly by Anna Whitehouse

I fell off the non-fiction bandwagon in July but feel the quality of these fiction reads was so high that I can totally justify missing my own once-a-month-non-fiction quota.

An absolute standout for me this month was The Harpy – a lyrical, immersive tale of a woman coming to terms with her husband’s affair, interlaced with imagery of the mythical Harpy. One of the most unique and compelling books I’ve read in a long time.

Mrs March, How to Kill Your Family, People Like Them and I Know What You’ve Done were also a slightly sinister reads, which obviously meant I loved them. I Know What You’ve Done takes the crown for being the first book I’ve read set in 2021, so directly references lockdown and the pandemic.

And as for the beautiful The Reading List well, it was the first book in a while that made me cry. It’s such an emotive and heart-warming read. With a lot of great book recommendations in it too – always an added bonus!

The Echo Chamber and Underbelly both centred around the murky depths of social media making them very interesting and topical reads right now. I am quote fascinated with stories that explore this theme, especially as the destructive nature of social media is becoming ever clearer.

Well, they were my July books! What have you been reading this month? Let me know below!

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