5 Bookish Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers

As every book lover knows, a book is always the best gift to unwrap on Christmas morning. But, if you’re looking for something a little different to delight a book loving friend or relation, I’ve compiled a list (you might call it my very own bookish gift wishlist – yes, I will be sending this blog post to my nearest and dearest) of the best book-themed gifts all book lovers will love!

5 Bookish Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers

1/ A personalised book shelf illustration

Frankie Rose Illustration creates the dreamiest book shelf illustrations (see one below). You can choose from a few design options and, of course, customise with the spines of your bookish pal’s favourite books. This is the ultimate self-gift though too: picking your 10 favourite books and having them wonderfully drawn like this is something to treasure. I might be treating myself this year…

2/ A jigsaw – but make it bookish

We all have that friend that loves to relax with a jigsaw (it’s great audiobook listening time too) so this classic paper backs 1000 piece puzzle will be both a challenge and triumph for them. Even better – they can pop it in a frame when they’re done and have some lovely bookish wall art.

3/ A personalised book cover locket

I just love this idea! You can get the cover of a much-loved book put onto a locket for the ultimate in thoughtful, unique and personal gift giving. Snap up yours here.

4/ A candle that smells like books

Yes, such a thing does exist. There’s nothing more evocative than a smell, so by giving this candle to your bookish friend, you are essentially giving them the gift of relaxation. Once it’s burning, they’ll be transported to their most favourite and calming place – a bookshop or library, of course.

5/ A mystery book…

Well, it takes away the effort of wrapping it up for you. Perfect for a secret Santa gift, I just love the whole concept of the mystery book. You pick the genre you like and let fate decide what you shall read. It puts a really fun element into gifting a book this festive season. Get yours here.

I hope you’ve been inspired! Let me know if you’ve seen any other book gifts for Christmas I need to know about!

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  1. Love this list, really original ideas that I know most people would LOVE to receive.
    Thank you for such wonderful suggestions. I know I’ll be getting at least two of these ideas for my nearest and dearest.

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