Forever Home by Graham Norton – Audiobook Review

It is a yearly tradition for Graham Norton to join me on my walks as he reads me his new book in his lilting Irish tones. He’s my go-to on audiobook. 2022 was the turn of Forever Home – a gentle Irish family drama / murder mystery set in Cork, Ireland. Graham is very good at characterisation, giving each person a distinct feel while he’s reading. It really works to truly bring the story to life.

Say hello to the Crotties

In Forever Home, we meet Carol Crottie, her son grown up and living in England, she starts a relationship with Declan. His two now adult children, Killian and Sally, don’t particularly take to this but all is well until Declan falls ill and suddenly, Carol finds her life tipped upside down. In more ways than one.

The story went in a direction I wasn’t expecting – much darker and funnier thanks mainly to Carol’s formidable mother, Moira who has witty lines and a survival instinct that means she pushes her daughter to do things she may not have otherwise.

I also enjoyed the sub-plots of Declan’s children, Killian and Sally. Their lives added more depth to the story overall.

Graham should read all my audiobooks

A satisfying story with family at its heart, the darker plot moments work to mark Forever Home out from his previous novels (highly recommend Holding, A Keeper, Home Stretch and his short story The Swimmer), making this another great read from Graham Norton.

As an author, Graham has a strong tone. His voice carries through in all his novels and that’s one of the most enjoyable parts of reading (well, in my case, listening to) his books: that familiarity. And great stories too, of course!

  • Audiobook narrated by Graham Norton;
  • Running time: 6 hrs 59 mins;
  • Published by Coronet September 2022;
  • 336 pages;
  • My rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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