5 perfect holiday reads

Booked your holiday? Thinking about packing? Well, don’t forget the most important thing of all – your perfect holiday reads! Whether you bring a book or your kindle, having a truly engrossing book that’s no effort at all to get into is essential for relaxing days in the sunshine.

Here are 5 books that I think would be perfect holiday reads from across a range of genres and with different paces – depending on what mood you’re in. Enjoy!

5 perfect holiday reads

/ Lie With Me by Philippe Besson

Packs an emotional punch… You can devour this brilliant book in a few lazy hours by the pool or on the beach and trust me, you will. Originally written in French, this is a gorgeous tale of regret, loss, love and human nature. The narrator is gay in a small French village in the 1980s when being gay wasn’t widely accepted. He has to deal with that as well as being in love with his friend. It packs SUCH an emotional punch – an excellent book.

/ Notes On A Scandal by Zoë Heller

A deliciously sinister narrator… Barbara is a history teacher who befriends a younger art teacher, Sheba and is her only confident when Sheba has an affair with a pupil and ruins her life. Barbara is there to help and support Sheba, but whose interests does she have in mind, really? I couldn’t put this down – the tension builds, it’s dry, it’s funny, it’s so clever.

/ My Other Husband by Dorothy Koomson

Life imitates art psychological thriller… This book is a masterclass in perfectly-timed plot reveals, 3D characters and the what-can-possibly-happen-next atmosphere that keeps you turning those pages. Cleo writes a popular crime series, The Baking Detective but when murders from her books start happening in real life – what’s going on? So good!

/ Insomnia by Sarah Pinborough

Thriller with a supernatural twist… Yes, back in thriller territory as they are excellent poolside reads. BUT this one has a twist so will be unlike any you’ve read before. Emma has a good life – career and family – but her insomnia is messing with her mind, to the point where the police get involved and she doesn’t know what’s real or not anymore… Such a fun, page-turner.

/ Cat Lady by Dawn O’Porter

Enticingly character driven… For a more emotional read with a feel-good vibe, Cat Lady is a great choice. It’s the story of Mia – a self confessed cat lady. We join her as life throws more than a few curve balls at her, but what stays constant is her love for her cat, Pigeon. This is a wonderful, character study with clever commentary on conforming to society. Heart-breaking and heart-warming. A great holiday read.

Will any of these perfect holiday reads be making it into your suitcase? Let me know!

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