6 amazing murder mystery books

I don’t know about you, but murder mystery is my go-to genre when I need a comfort read. I know that might sound contradictory but, for me, there’s nothing like the reassurance of delving into a plot that has a (usually) linear beginning, middle and end, all centred around who-done-it. The satisfying conclusion (if it’s a great murder mystery) is the icing on the cake.

6 amazing murder mystery books

/ The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie

Kicking off my list with a legend. This is the book that brought initial fame to Agatha Christie, it was one of her early novels, established her brand, and put a tantalising spin on the whole murder-mystery genre. If you haven’t yet read it – you must!

/ The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley

This book has definite Agatha Christie vibes in its tone and what makes me love it so much is that it’s not until the end of the book that we actually find out who the victim is, let alone the murderer. Very well done.

/ The Colour of Bee Larkham’s Murder by Sarah J. Harris

This one makes my list as a truly unique spin on the genre.

/ My Other Husband by Dorothy Koomson

A recent read with a plot you won’t guess. It’s the wonderfully layered story of Cleo – an author who finds herself trapped in a nightmare when the murders she writes about starts to happen IRL. On top of that, she is divorcing her husband even though she still loves him and a person from her past is determined to ruin her life. Told you it was layered! It all comes together so well – loved it!

/ Himself by Jess Kidd

A murder mystery but with added supernatural elements? Yes, please! In 1950, 16 year old Orla Sweeney is brutally murdered in front of her baby son. 26 years later, Mahony, who was raised in a Dublin orphanage, returns to the village to find out what happened to his mother. He starts digging into the past, speaking to both the living and the dead, you see, he can talk to spirits. Honestly, suspend your disbelief and go with it – it’s such a great read!

/ Daisy Darker by Alice Feeney

Ending on a book with one of the biggest twists I’ve read this year. And what’s a murder mystery to-read list without a good-old twist? Daisy goes to her grandmother’s 80th birthday at her isolated old house where murder and secrets come screaming out of the woodwork – a really entertaining psychological thriller / murder mystery.

So there’s 6 book recommendations for you – let me know if you’ve read any of them and please do leave your favourite murder mystery reads in the comments!

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