My 2022 Bookish Review

2022 has been a bit of a different year for me in terms of reading. For the first time since I started this blog, I found I just wasn’t reading enough to post as frequently as I have been in previous years.

That’s not to say I didn’t read some truly amazing books, I shared my favourite reads of 2022 here and as I’m a lot better at embracing the power of a DNF (not finishing a book if I’m not loving it), I’m confident that (most of) the ones that made the cut to review are excellent.

Now I know the whole point of this blog is for it to be an enjoyable outlet for my passion. To share and talk about the books I love reading with fellow bibliophiles. But sometimes when you realise you haven’t posted in over a week panic sets in! This has been a huge learning for me.

Adjusting my own expectations

My biggest takeaway from this year was that it’s OK to slow my reading pace and adjust how often I post. If blogging starts to feel more of a chore then it’s absolutely not the point! Not that it does feel a chore. Reflecting on the year in this post and in my books / reviews of the year posts has really helped me to remember that I have read some fantastic books in 2022 and enjoyed writing reviews about every single one of them.

My 2023 goals… listen to my reading gut

Looking over my 2022 reading goals, it’s sad to say I failed miserably! They weren’t even excessively ambitious but I didn’t quite hit them.

During the last half of 2022 I’ve become an (even more) mood based reader. I can open a truly great book but if I’m not in the mood for it, it won’t resonate. So looking to 2023 and any potential goals – I think I’m going to keep it open and carry on as I am now. A more intuitive approach seems to be the best for me right now. Although am determined to read more non-fiction in 2023!

What about you – how was your reading year? Have you set yourself any goals for next year?

Wishing you all a wonderful and very happy 2023!

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  1. Love this! I’m trying to figure out balance as well (tho am much newer to the whole blogging thing). I did some really great series over the holidays but it was a ton of work that’s not sustainable, so am trying to make sure I keep myself at a nice pace and don’t burn out – because I really enjoy the writing too!

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    1. Yes, you’re so right about finding the balance – I love writing posts but once it starts to feel like an obligation or something, it kills the fun of reading for me! Being kinder on ourselves with expectations is always a good way to go 😊

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