Blog Tour: After Dark by Dominic Nolan

Opening sentence: “The hunters walked with their pieces broken open over the crooks of their arms.”

Hello, hello and welcome to my stop on the After Dark blog tour! This thriller is the second outing for the character DS Abigail Boone. A renegade member of the police force, she isn’t exactly working her day job in this novel as she very much takes justice into her own hands. There are a lot of allusions to Abigail’s past that really build a tantalising character profile for her and we are given enough of her back story for things to all make sense. Especially if, like me, you haven’t yet read the first book in this series.

after dark domnic nolan book review books on the 7:47

So, I’ll prefix the plot summary with a trigger warning, as it focuses on child abuse. DI Barbara Bowen is called in to lead the investigation when a young girl is found by the side of a road. The girl has clearly been held captive and abused and the descriptions of what happened to her are very realistic and do make for some uncomfortable reading.

Thank goodness then, for Abigail. In an interesting twist, she is actually in prison due to an earlier vigilante incident but Barbara, her colleague and friend, knows Abigail is key to solving this case, so enlists her help.

As with all good thrillers, there is a buzzing level of tension at all times – due to both the snappy pace and subject matter. After Dark is also one of the more violent books I’ve read recently, really throwing itself into the action and taking the reader right to the grizzly core. For me, the standout part of this book was Abigail Boone; a really interesting, complex character and one I’d definitely like to get to know more.

Thank you to Rosie Margesson (@RosieMargesson) and Headline books (@headlinepg) for inclusion on this fab blog tour! Get your copy of After Dark here.

/ Published by Headline Books 5th March 2020

/ 448 pages

/ Rating: 4/5

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after dark dominic nolan blog tour books on the 7:47 review

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