What I Read in March 2020

Or perhaps more accurately: What I didn’t read in March 2020…

As we all try to navigate our way through the unknown territory of this pandemic, I’ve found my ability to read has taken a huge nosedive. Anyone else found this? I popped a few thoughts about it on this post, but it’s just so hard to concentrate when everything is so scary and uncertain.

Three of the four books I reviewed this month were for blog tours – so this meant I had actually pre-read them all in February, when things here (I’m in London) weren’t as crazy. My other read was an audiobook, which I did manage to finish but other than that, it’s been slim-pickings on the review front! I have finished one book this month, just finishing writing up my review of that, then will post. Such weird times, right?

Books on the 7:47 book reviews

My March Reads:

/ After Dark by Dominic Nolan

/ The Second Wife by Rebecca Fleet

/ Her Husband’s Mistake by Sheila O’Flanagan

/ The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

Along with my reviews, I was also lucky enough to interview the brilliant Irish author Sheila O’Flanagan this month. She talked to me about her latest book, Her Husband’s Mistake and shared her favourite book shops in Dublin. Take a look!

I want to end this blog on a positive, so am going to draw your attention to a great event happening right now and through to 11th April: The Stay at Home! Literary Festival, with FREE author talks, workshops and events every day. Pop over to their site and join in – don’t miss Maggie O’Farrell in conversation about her much-acclaimed new novel, Hamnet on Friday 3rd April. Really looking forward to that (and it feels nice to have things to look forward to right now)!

Until next month, stay safe and happy reading!

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  1. Thanks for the reminder about the literary programme. Really impressive range of speakers and topics! Now can I fit them into my diary – such a busy life right now between cleaning, and cooking, and trying to keep sane!

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