Blog Tour: The Second Wife by Rebecca Fleet

Opening sentence: “It’s past midnight and the lights along the pier are jumping points of static, reflected in silver glimmers on the sea.”

Welcome to the start of this brilliant blog tour for The Second Wife by London author Rebecca Fleet! Last year I read, and really enjoyed, Rebecca’s debut thriller, The House Swap and now she’s back with The Second Wife, her new tension-packed page turner.

Yep, from the beginning of this book the seeds of intrigue are planted and they grow at a perfect pace. We have a multiple narrator situation with alternating chapters from Alex, Natalie, Rachel and Sadie. Alex is married to Natalie and Rachel and Sadie are sisters. But how do their paths cross? Well, that would be telling… and I don’t want to give you any spoilers!

The story begins with Alex and Natalie’s house burning to the ground. Natalie, and Alex’s teenage daughter, Jade, only just escape the fire. This traumatic event kick starts the drama and more than a few secrets are revealed. Especially after Jade tells her dad she saw a man in the house just as the fire started.

I really enjoyed how this book explored the power of obsession and family bonds and just how far things need to go to test either one.

The fact that The Second Wife was mainly set in my hometown of Brighton certainly added to my investment in this read too. But even if you’ve never been to Brighton, I guarantee you’ll still be hooked. This is a psychological thriller with a (yes, maybe prerequisite from great thrillers these days) twist that means you’ll be gripped until that last page.

Thank you to Anne Cater at Random Things Tours (@annecater) and Doubleday Books (@DoubledayUK) for inclusion on this fab blog tour! Get your copy of The Second Wife here.

 / Published by Doubleday Books 5th March 2020

/ 336 pages

/ Rating: 4/5

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